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Aquazania, a South African company to its roots, was born in 1966. Formerly known as Aquacoolers, synonymous with the term ‘water cooler’, Aquazania has kept its secret recipe carefully guarded to ensure that every glass of Aquazania is a special experience. As Aquazania has grown, as has its offering. We are proud to offer a range of state of the art, carefully selected coffee machines which can be paired with our responsibly sourced, locally manufactured and authentic coffee beans. 

Coffee machines

We offer a full range of state of the art coffee machines and coffee vending machine solutions to homes, offices (SME businesses & corporates), as well as restaurants. We have a comprehensive understanding of the usage scenario for each machine, the types of coffee the machine makes and its capacity per day. These factors have been tied together in order to assist you in making an educated decision when purchasing a machine from us.


Aquazania premium water

Aquazania provides clear, clean, delicious, health-giving water. It is purer than a mountain stream and is multi-filtered in order to remove any contaminants. Our premium bottled water undergoes a refined 9-step process, ensuring that customers receive the purest water available. Our water is delivered conveniently to your home or office, and is extremely economical and hygienic. 


Coffee beans

Our range of coffee beans have been responsibly sourced within the African region. Each coffee blend has been carefully composed and refined by coffee connoisseurs who have an intimate understanding of the coffee specialty. At Aquazania, quality and exclusivity is not only sacred to our water purification process, but it extends into everything we manufacture and sell. From water to coffee beans, we are confident in our mission to offer you a unique Aquazania experience!



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